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Post by Giera on Tue Dec 15, 2009 1:43 pm

General information

Name: Monde Sorpent
Age: 17

Nickname: N/A

Persional Information

Personality: Monde is a a person most people would describe as... chilly. Many people confuse him for evil,and dont like him, but the thing is, he dont care. He finds interrest in things that may turn out to be at his advantage, and uses that advantage. So short story is: His arrogant, selfish, cold, and sirious. If you are at his team though, you will find him very needed, and see him as cunning, competitionstrong, generally just strong, and clever.

Monde is an Animagus, he can transform into a crow, and many of his spells have a trace of it. For example his patronus is a crow, and even his stupefy and other spells like that, has the shape of a crow the second it is produced from the wand, but fades out into a normal flash as it continues, andmany other spells. Monde is also in contact with the crows. He cant exactly speak with them, but he can signal emotions such as desire or fear, and understand their too.

Monde grew up in London mittown with his middleclass parrents. Both his mom and dad was magicians, so it was no surprise that a 5year old Monde, made signs of magic. Allthough the signs were not as expected. Monde was followed by crows, and if he had a burning desire, for example if they walked by a cart with balloons, and Monde really wanted one, the corws went over to pick on, and returned to Monde. This got Monde, or actually his parrents into a lot of sticky situations
No surprise there. Monde became a slytherin just like his mom and dad. The first year were really a pain for Monde, who wasnt good at making friends, and had a llittle too much dignity to "respect" the 7years, as they called it. Monde found it as tyrani. But as Monde grew in years, and the older students figured they couldnt break him, he was let alone, and as by magic he got a lot of loyal friends inside Slytherin. It has lately been very turbulent for Monde because his parrents were arrested for beeing in contact with dark magicians. The court hasnt decided yet, but they are still in detention, and Monde have to spend his hollidays at Hogwarts.

Appearance Information

Height: 175cm (2,5cm=1inch)

Weight: 65kg

Monde Sorpent EvilZenkinprehaps
Monde is oftenly carries his school uniform on, even when his not suppose to.

School Information


Year: 7th year

Wand: Monde Sorpent IC34237
A thin 30cm long wand. Very simpel made of elm wood, and with core of crow feathers

Rank(s): Student

Additional Classes: Care of Magical Creatures

RP Sample
Monde felt a breeze comming up behind him, trying to pull him into the lake by his coat. "Kraa!" A pitchblack crow was heard somewhere. Monde could feel that the crow was scared of something comming nearer. Monde turned around. Nothing. Just the wide open planes up to Hogwarts with a cloudy background. Monde scouted for the crow. It was Skra that had warned him of nothing. The feathered fellow sat in the tree looking distracted around, and spotted something again, before letting out a warning "Kraa!" Monde still couldnt see anything, but Skra had looked into the forrest, and of course Monde couldnt see through trees. Suddenly the border of the forrest broke, and out came a giant spider. Monde took a step back, and discovered the shore of the lake. The spider rapidly came closer, and there was no chance of escape now. The spider sorta jumped in a desperate way to get its claws on Monde, when Monde in the last second got his hands on his wand, and while raising it, shouting "Reducto!" a bang followed, and the spiders was thrown bacwards, roling over a few times, but it didnt take long before it got back on its feet, and leaped forward again. This time Monde was prepared, and the second before the spider snatched him, he turned into a crow, flying away, resulting in a disapointed retriving large spider.

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