Biography of Ines Alexandre Beaumond-Rahra

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Biography of Ines Alexandre Beaumond-Rahra Empty Biography of Ines Alexandre Beaumond-Rahra

Post by NobleSlug on Sun Dec 13, 2009 8:29 pm

General information

Name: Ines Alexandre Beaumond-Rahra

Age: 16 (D.O.B October 31st)

Nickname: Al, Innie

Personal Information

Personality: Ines spends most of her time pursuing things that many people believe are impossible, just so she can ‘do something amazing’ as she puts it. She doesn’t put much into making friends seeing as most she have met were slightly put off by her, and she stopped trying, instead making no secret of her annoyance at ‘normal people’.

She doesn’t count being a muggle as normal, or a wizard as not though. She views normalcy as being willing to conform or not have a particularly exceptional life. She loves children though, viewing them as the most interesting people she’s ever met.

Ines loves greens, particularly kale, and also enjoys green tea and blackened sea bass. She loves to dance, speak different languages (she is fluent in French, Lingala and English. She also knows some Swahili and minimal Mandarin and Japanese), playing the harpsicord, weasels and ferrets, painting, and trying to defy science. Other then normalcy and mediocrity, Ines has a fear of dogs and despises the sound of a badly tuned instrument.

History: Ines was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Badhara Rahra, a veela, and Alessandro Beaumond, both magical. Her parents worked there as members of the muggle peace corps, teaching ESL and providing disaster relief. They moved to England when Ines was 8 after coming to the conclusion that the schools providing magical tutelage in the DRC were extremely limited. Alessandro stayed behind however, to continue providing disaster relief.

In England Badhara began teaching French and Lingala to students who wished to learn it. When Ines was 11 she was accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When she was 15 she took the OWLs as expected and passed everything, receiving ‘O’s on Arithmancy, Divination and Charms.

Appearance Information

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 155 lbs.

Appearance: Biography of Ines Alexandre Beaumond-Rahra Agbani-essence-5

Ines has long black hair that she wears in a variety of styles, ranging from stick straight with bangs to corkscrew curls. She is very tall and has dark skin and brown eyes.

School Information

House: Ravenclaw

Year: 6th

Wand: Ines’ wand is made of Vine wood and the hair of a veela (thought to be Ines’ 4th cousin, 13 times removed). It is about 14 inches long and is very supple.

Rank(s): Student

Additional Classes: Ancient Runes, Arithmancy and Divination.

RP Sample

RP Sample: “C’est seulement ete de trois mois… it’s only been three months,” Ines muttered as she jogged through the school. Apparently some of her classes had moved their rooms and she was having a moment of pure panic. “Arithmancy starts in 5 minutes!” she exclaimed, almost pulling her hair out as she looked. She had already busted into Transfiguration by accident and almost broke into the griffendor common room by accident. “Man!” she screamed as she tore through the halls.

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Biography of Ines Alexandre Beaumond-Rahra Empty Re: Biography of Ines Alexandre Beaumond-Rahra

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