So I need to flame somebody

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So I need to flame somebody Empty So I need to flame somebody

Post by HabboBHH on Wed May 19, 2010 5:25 pm

Okay.... so first of all. My name is Latronda Jenkins afro . I'm a very big black woman.... a BBW if you would.

So today I'm here to flame a person. My breast milk is vury spiritual and it be given me the right to do this.

Now this person made an account and is pretending to be someone else. Me and the otha nigga's be known it's him actin a fool. The BHH will rise to power. Don't think about opening what you're thinking about. Evil or Very Mad

WE WILLLL GET CHU MUTHAHUCKA. afro Again my boo boo is green and
this was vury spuritual to write.


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