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Post by Kalina on Sat Dec 12, 2009 11:25 pm

General information

Name: Kalina Herim

Age: 14

Nickname: Kalina

Persional Information

Personality: Kalina is kind of shy and quiet. She loves Pie, and Dogs. Kalina is a hardworking, determind kid. She works hard, and benifits from it. Kalina's favorite subject is "Care of Magical Creatures" and his least favorite is "Muggle Studies" Kalina is smart, and clever.

Kalina is also very brave. She will stick up for her friends, and stay loyal, even is the most frightful positions.

History: Kalina was born in hogsmead. Because of her german heritige, she was sent to the Wizarding school in germany. In her time there, she learned about a lot of Wizarding Arts, and became quite the Seeker. When she turned 14, on Augest 31, she went back to London, with her Dog, and joined Hogwarts.

Appearance Information

Height: 5'8''

Weight: 135 lbs

Appearance: Kalina Herim AnimeGirl23-1
Kalina has long, wavy, black hair, and purple eyes. She has pale skin, and is tall, and lanky.

School Information

House: Griffendor

Year: 4

Wand: Chesnut, Dragon Heartstring, 12 inches. Strong, but a bit flexible.

Quittich Position: Seeker

Prefect: No

Head Boy/Head Girl: No

Quidditch Captain: No

RP Sample

RP Sample: (This is from one of the Forums I play in.)

Akuma looked at them both. "Well, I am hungry, but the library is always a nice place." He said. He took a piece of bread, and put some pasta, vegetables, and some sauce on it, then put another piece of bread on top. He did that two more times, until he had three sandwiches. He took a bite of one of them, and waited until he had finished chewing, and had swallowed, before he spoke again. "To the library it is!" He said, with a 12 year old attitude, which suited him, being 12 years old. He took another bite of one of the sandwiches, chewed, swallowed, and spoke again. "I think I can find the way, with the help of my friend." He said. He then gave a sharp whistle, that sounded more like a shrill scream, then a whistle. Far off, a dog started barking, and 6.75 seconds later, a Demon Hound came barging in. In jumped on Akuma, and licked his face happily. "Haha! Heya Yeth!" Said Akuma happily. He gave the Demon Hound a sandwich, then turned to the others. "Yeth can take you and me there, Tahlu. The grownups might need some time to talk or something. Yeth! Find the library!" He said to Yeth. The Demon Hound barked twice, then took off running down the hall. "Well. We better start following him, or we will never catch up!" Said Akuma.

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