Ciaran Onyx

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Ciaran Onyx

Post by Kiara on Mon Dec 14, 2009 1:46 pm

General information

Name: Ciaran Onyx

Age: 34

Nickname: Ran

Persional Information

Personality: Ciaran is mild tempered and gentle man, he loves kid and has a passion for teaching. He tends to get excited when around exceptionally smart kids. He does however walk around with a chip on his shoulder while by himself, one would never know of his sad past otherwise.


Ciaran grew up in London with his aunt on his mothers side. His parents dies of illness when he was only 2, lived with is Aunt Tara ever since. His Aunt was a witch so when he stated having magical out bursts he knew that he was a wizard.

He was gifted smart student and always got top grades in school, though he wasn’t was you would call a nerd, he likes sports and is rather good at football. He was all round a good rounded kid.

Every year he would go with his Aunt to his parents graves, and tell them all he had done that year and new and great things he had learned.

Hogwarts year
Ciaran was sorted in to Ravenclaw which really didn’t surprise him, he was a good student and was on the quidditch team and was even named prefect and later head boy. Every thing was perfect, he had a lovely girlfriend whom he planned to marry after graduation and he had been offered a apprentice job at the ministry once he was done school.


Ciaran married the love of his life from Hogwarts and he worked fulltime at the ministry of magic. Things were good, the greatest day of his life was when his lovely wife told him he was to be a father, he couldn’t have been happier. He even arranged to take a month and a half off work to help with there new baby, he was very excited to be a father and he let his wife know it when ever he could.

Then the day arrived that his wife went in to labour with there child, this was the day his life was turned upside down…

Due to complications in the birth there child… son was a still born and didn’t survive. To make matters worse his beloved wife became gravely ill soon after and she passed away as well.

Ciaran lived in depression for the next five years eventually being fired from his job at the ministry and living in Aunts house once again. Until he had been convinced to try and live again and get a job. That job had been the Astronomy Professor at Hogwarts School.

Appearance Information

Height: 6,1 feet
Weight: 170 pounds

Appearance: He still wears his wedding ring on his ring finger.

School Information

House: Former Ravenclaw

Wand: 13 inch Ash wood wand with a Unicorn tear Core

Rank(s): Astronomy Teacher

RP Sample

RP Sample:

Ciaran walked briskly to his new office, he had papers to grade and a meeting to attend to. He loved teaching it was his life now, he would do what ever it took to make sure the students learned to the best of there ability.

However sometimes teaching had a element of frustration in it for the certain students who seemed to refuse to study.

As he marked papers he muttered to him self…

“Wrong… no we went over that in class that day” he said as he put that paper aside looking less then please.

Some answers made him laugh though they were quite witty, even though they were very wrong.

“Clever… but no” he said leaving a comment beside it.

Then he reached the smart ones, and pride grew in him to write a Outstanding on it, nothing made him happier now then to see even one student excel.

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Re: Ciaran Onyx

Post by Giera on Mon Dec 14, 2009 2:17 pm

Giera walked in. "Hm.." he sighed, looking up and down at Ran, "Your approved" ^^

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Re: Ciaran Onyx

Post by Kalina on Mon Dec 14, 2009 4:51 pm


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Re: Ciaran Onyx

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