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Post by Kiara on Sun Dec 13, 2009 2:06 pm

General information

Name: Casey McConn

Age: 15

Nickname: Case

Persional Information

Personality: Casey is very shy and meek, but is a good friend and can be fun to be around once she feel comfortable. She is very sensitive and tends to take insults personally though she tries not to. She likes to read, and sing in her spare time. Although she hates sports, can’t catch a ball if her life depended on it. But she is very loyal and would do anything for her friends.

History: Casey grew up with her mother, father and younger brother in Scotland. There are all muggles except her, who started show magical signs when she was only 4 or 5. Her family didn’t know what to make of her at first when the figured out she was the one causing all the strange things to happen. But they accepted it simply because she was there daughter. Even though they still feared her powers a bit.

When she got her letter she believed and it, it took a lot of convincing for her Mom and Dad to letter go but they eventually the gave in and took her to Diagon ally. She thought it a wonderful place, almost unreal and she was sorry she had to leave that day.

Appearance Information


Weight: 120 pounds
Appearance: Casey McConn Bella_swan

Casey has rose earrings the she got when she was 10 and a scar on the back of her neck form a sport accident.

School Information

House: Hufflepuff

Year: 5th year

Wand: 10 inches,A short light wand, made out of white elm. Contains leafs of a pupple, and the stilk of a rose.

Quittich Position: Most likely will not be trying out for any postion


Head Boy/Head Girl:

Quidditch Captain:

Additional Classes: Care of magical Creatures

RP Sample

RP Sample:

Casey bit her lip as she as stood next to the broom, she had always been horrible at sports in the muggle world, why would the magical one be any different?

“Up!” she said.

The broom merely wiggled and remained where it was as if mocking her. She sighed and tried again.

“Up!” she said.

Absolutely nothing this time, the fates and Merlin were laughing at her for sure… a witch the couldn’t control a broom what a joke she must be.

Out of frustration she yelled; “UP!”

The broom shoot up, but it didn’t stoop in her hand, it kept going and going until it pulled her up into the air.

“Ah! Down, Down, Down!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

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